Pest Control Solutions

Aantex is a locally, family owned pest control firm that has been servicing the greater Bay Area for over 40 years.

We are a group of highly trained individuals who take pride in our ability to help you, the client, understand if and when you may need a pest control professional.

Here are a few other benefits of making Aantex your first call:

  • Personal Touch: When you call Aantex one of our dedicated staff members will be ready to speak with you, no answering service or voice mail but a staff member.
  • The Staff: We are trained to answer your questions about your pest problems – now. We can explain the services we offer, prices for the services, and set up an appointment for you.
  • Long-lasting Relationships: We are all about long-term relationships. Some of our clients have been with us for all 40 years, bless them. They have referred friends, family, neighbors, and even the mail carrier.

These answers may change over the course of time. Practicing pest control is an evolving science. We incorporate changes when they are proven as a minimalist solution, whether they are green, yellow, or blue.

Question : Why do you have to treat inside? Can’t you just get them from the outside?

Answer : Many pests can and do actually live inside of your home/business. If these are not addressed, your pest problem will persist. We strive to select minimally invasive, odorless products that are applied to strategic areas to control these pests.

Question : It rained after you treated the outside of my home/business. Doesn’t that stuff wash away?

Answer : We have products for wet and dry situations. Whichever formulation we imply is meant to adhere and bind with the soil or treated surface. We do not want our products leeching away.

REMEMBER: DRAINS TO BAY. We will not pollute our water ways.

Question : Are your technicians licensed and bonded? I am not comfortable leaving someone alone in my house?

Answer : Yes, our technicians are licensed and bonded. They undergo rigorous training and re-certification programs. We gladly welcome you to wait outside while our technician is in your home, where you can lock up after.

This is a very short list of possible. questions that you may have. We welcome
the opportunity to answer your specific concerns. And may we
use your questions in this section?