Organic Pest Management Programs

Aantex Pest Control provides a comprehensive Organic Pest Control program that relies on inspection, sanitation, structural maintenance, and engineering controls to minimize pest activity.

Materials for pest control may be used on a limited basis. These materials must be pre-approved for application in organic food producing facilities and will be applied in strict compliance with the National Organic Program, Good Manufacturing Practices for food processing, warehousing, and related industries. In addition, as in all Aantex Pest Control programs, material usage fully complies with all state, federal, and local Health, Safety, and Pesticide Use Regulations.

Step 1: Prevent pest activity.
Step 2: Mechanically trap pests that arise.
Step 3: Treat with National Organic Program-approved materials if trapping proves insufficient.
Step 4: Use additional materials for control only in such a manner that prevents contact with organic product.

Aantex Pest Control will conduct routine inspections, quality audits and effective treatment protocols, all fully documented in an onsite Log Book. This detail ensures the facility remains compliant with all third-party inspections and audits, particularly when there is zero tolerance for pest activity.

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