Disinfecting Bacteria and Sanitizing Service

Disinfecting Bacteria & Sanitizing Services

Aantex Pest Control has the perfect solution to assist with your sanitizing & disinfecting control needs. Cleaning and decontamination services are vital steps in safeguarding the public and your customers.

Here at Aantex Pest Control, we can help by providing an airborne disinfectant / sanitizing treatment which protects you from harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and odors hiding in difficult to reach critical areas and in typical operating conditions where standard cleaning methods fail. Our solution will cling to surfaces while killing germs, bacteria, odors, allergens, mold and mildew.

Aantex Pest Control will perform this DBS service at but not limited to:
• Residential
• Health care facilities
• Restaurants
• Office and reception area’s
• Schools/Daycares
• Gyms

The room re-entry time is 2 hours after a treatment has finished or until dry. This disinfection cleaning service will make sure that the rooms and place of business are safe for staff, your customers, and your patients. Through this service, we can achieve a 99.9999% bio-burden reduction of spores, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful germs. Aantex Pest Control will provide a free estimate for a full treatment of your premises be it Commercial or Residential. Contact us for any questions about our Disinfecting & Sanitizing services.

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