Michele – Customer Care Representative

  1. Name: Sharon Campagna
  2. How many years in Pest Control? 0
  3. College? If yes, what was your major/degree? Business & Paralegal Studies, 4.5 years
  4. Awards? Certificates? With past employers? When in real estate, made Realtor of the year as a new Realtor; worked as an optician for 9 years & was promoted to manager.
  5. Any accomplishments at past employers? Able to assist salespeople with orders from customers & answer questions that were technical.
  6. What did you do before you started working for Aantex? Paralegal for 12 years, accounts payable & customer service for a bar grading company. Most recent, receptionist/office assistant.
  7. Why is pest control your career? It’s practical & useful
  8. Why did you choose Aantex? Excellent work ethics; promotes women in a career path 40 years in business.
  9. Please tell me about your family/pets if you want to. 2 daughters & 3 grandchildren.
  10. Personal accomplishments? Able to handle difficult situations.
  11. What are your hobbies or talents? Reading and swimming.
  12. Favorite sports teams? Warriors/Basketball & Winter Olympics.
Aantex is insured and bonded. All employees that provide service are
background checked and licensed.
Structural Pest Control License #6745.

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