5 Tips for Finding the Best Pest Control Company

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With the right combination of preventative measures, most pest infestations in our homes and offices can be avoided. However, pests are called pests for a reason.  They make their way into our homes, yards, and gardens and even the best DIY strategies may not keep pests and rodents out. When there are extensive pest infestations, or when pests are excessively difficult to control, it is time to find a reliable, local pest control company to help keep our homes and offices safe from the potential damages and diseases that come with pest problems.

Do Your Homework

Like hiring any other sort of home improvement company or service, do your homework.  Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous companies that sell pest control services that have no qualifications to be performing this highly skilled service at your home or office.  Although you may want the pests eliminated immediately, take a few extra days and learn which local company is the most credible, competent, and priced appropriately. It is always a good idea to get a few quotes from different companies before signing a service contract.

Service Provider


Ask for References

When a service company comes in, it is important to know they perform the work at the level they promise to during a sales call.  Ask to see references from previous customers to learn more about the company. You can also take the time to search for online reviews.  The more you learn about the company, the more confidence you can be about your choice.

Customer Reviews

Who Will Conduct the Services?

Pest control services do require someone that has completed significant training.  Each company must have at least one certified, licensed commercial pesticide applicator.  Other company applicators must be certified applicators or licensed technicians under the direct supervision of a certified applicator.  Ensure the person who is coming to perform services at your home is fully licensed and certified to do the work. 

Aantex Service Professionals

Aantex Service Professionals

What Licenses and Certifications Are Necessary?

After you are confident about who will be at your home completing the services, ask for a copy of the company’s pest control license.  Credible and reliable pest control companies will be happy to provide a copy of all pertinent licenses and certifications to you. Companies who steer clear of offering you documentation may be less than trustworthy.


Ask About Pesticides and Application Processes

Finally, ask about what sorts of pesticides and products are used and how they are applied. There are different types of theories of pest control.  Aantex technicians follow a philosophy of using minimal amounts of pest control products strategically. This means Aantex technicians work purposefully to use the least amount of product possible to target your pest control problem intensively.


Make A Call

If your preventative strategies of pest control are not working, or if you are having a difficult to manage the infestation, give our professional pest control technicians a call.  Aantex offers free consultations that will provide you with the insight you need to keep your home or office safe from the consequences of pests and rodents. Call 925-240-5100 to schedule your appointment today.  


AANTEX Pest Control offers a variety of free inspections and services the entire Bay Area. 1-800-471-5555

Call our Brentwood office at 925-240-5100 to schedule your pest control consult today. 


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