Four Key Signs of Rodents in Your Home

Rats during Covid19

Here are four key signs of rodents in your home. If you are worried about an infestation, here are signs you should be looking out for.

Listen for Rodents Scratching

rodent problem - aantex pest control

rodent problem – aantex pest control

Rodents make a wide variety of scratching noises when they run through walls and your attic spaces. If you check outside your home and can confirm there are not branches scratching windows or walls, listen carefully when you are inside. Mice will make quiet, scuffling noises when they move about. Rats, or other rodents, sounds a bit more reckless and clumsy. You also can hear them chew through different materials, including wood and wires. If you hear any variety of scratching, call a local pest management company.

Your Find Rodent Droppings

rat - winter pest

rat – invasion

Droppings are a common, and sure, sign you have a rodent infestation. If rats or mice have been in your cabinets, you will find droppings in the area. The more droppings you see, the greater the problem you have on your hands. Even finding rodent droppings outside is a problem. Rats and mice are powerful chewers and will chew their way into your home through widening utility openings, squeezing in through crawl spaces, or into gaps under your doors. 

You Notice a Terrible Odor from Rodents

Rat Infestation

Rat Infestation

Interestingly – yet not surprisingly, rodent urine has a horrific odor. Rats and mice will leave a trail of protein-markers (i.e., urine) as a communication strategy. If you have a bad infestation, you can surely smell it because many rodents are leaving long, intricate communication patterns on walls, in cabinets, and inside walls. Even worse, some molecules in mouse urine can cause allergies and severe asthma – while dropping also contain deadly airborne pathogens such as the hantavirus. If you smell something, call your pest control company.


You Notice Clear Entry Points

mouse - aantext pest control

mice can squeeze themselves into small spaces

Rodents of all shapes and sizes will squeeze their way into your home if they find openings. Interior and exterior access points can be holes or tiny little openings. Unlike cartoons, they are not quaint small openings. Most are ragged and smeared in grease. On the exterior of your home, signs of tunneling anywhere near your home are potentially the nest of a rodent family who will be scouting their way inside.

Work With A Local Pest Management Company

If you have noticed even one of the warning signs, it is time to contact a professional pest management company. Rodents are challenging to remove because they breed rapidly and can build colonies throughout your home. For assistance removing rats, mice, or even squirrels, reach out to our team at Aantex. Schedule a free consultation online or call our Customer Service team at 925-240-5100 today to begin the process of cleaning up your home from unwelcome rodents.


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