House Spiders May Be More Helpful Than Harmful 

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If you live inside any type of dwelling, chances are extraordinarily good that you have spiders. They may live in your attic, crawl spaces, dark corners under counters, or shelving units. But, you still have them. Generally speaking, we don’t like spiders and find them unsettling. But many spiders we see in our homes are not enemies. Unlike ants and cockroaches, many household spiders keep our homes safe from other unwanted pests. Here are some interesting facts that might help you understand why many household spiders are our friends and not our foe. 

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Some Spiders Have Always Lived Indoors

Many types of spiders have been living inside homes for hundreds of years. They have evolved to cohabitate with humans and would quickly die if they were left outside. After decades of indoor living, they have adapted to steady climates, sparse food, and minimal amounts of water. Some historians say house spiders find themselves dating back to the Roman Empire. This explains why many spiders are happy to live in a tiny, hidden, and potentially forgotten corner of your home instead of figure out how to survive outside. They have never been there – so, survival is low. One expert has said only 5% of spiders you seen inside have ever even seen outside. This should give you peace of mind that indoor spiders are there because they are where they belong. 

Aantex Summer Spiders

House Spiders Pose Very Little Danger 

Although this is true for most spiders, house spiders pose very little danger to a home’s inhabitants. Spiders have a scary reputation and can be quite frightening to see. However, spiders only rarely bite people. Those that do generally bite only have venom that causes moderate, short-lived effects – if any effects at all. Most house spiders will only bite what they think is food. House spiders are not bloodsuckers and will not risk biting anything they cannot eat as food. When spiders feel threatened, they will cower and back away unless they think their only way to survive is biting. Generally speaking, house spiders have no interest in you.  

House Spiders Prey Off Of Unwanted Pests 

What is desirable about house spiders is that they prey off inspects and small creatures. This makes them a powerful defense against agricultural pests such as an aphid, moth, or beetle. They are also happy to eat unwanted pests that get inside your home, reducing your need for using synthetic insecticides. Locally, spiders will eat roaches, earwigs, mosquitos, flies, flies, mites, and clothes moths. They are effectively doing the work of a pest management company – just by eating what they usually eat. Even better, when house spiders eat these pests, they reduce the spread of diseases that these insects carry. 

House Spider

House Spider

How to Determine if You Need Professional Pest Management 

Household spiders can be helpful to have around. However, it may take the eye of an expert to determine if the spiders in your home are the safe, helpful household spiders you desire. Additionally, everyone has a different limit of what is ‘acceptable’ when it comes to spiders. If you can’t stand spiders and want to work with a professional pest management team to discover the best way to keep your home safe for your family, reach out to our team. We can conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide you with the right treatments for your home. Schedule online or call us at 925-240-5100. 


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