Get Rid of Roaches

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Get Rid of Roaches

Nobody likes cockroaches.  They spread diseases, are dirty and are major allergy triggers.  Even worse, roaches will bite humans and can be aggressive toward children in major infestations.  This short article outlines quick strategies to get rid of roaches quickly and effectively.

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Roach Bait

By using professional roach bait, you can increase the speed in which you eliminate your roach problems.  Good roach baits should be spread around your house to increase effectiveness.   Look for key locations where there are the maximum roach infestations.  Roaches like to hide in dark moist places, ideal for breeding. Ideal places for traps are:

  • cabinets
  • under sinks
  • under/behind stoves
  • behind refrigerators

It is also worthwhile to spread roach baits to the baseboard, dust bins, holes, cracks and crevices. 

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Borax dispersed in a bulb duster is also very effective.  Borax is also called sodium borate and is a naturally occurring mineral found in dry lake beds and other natural deposit sites. It has been used for centuries as a cleaning agent in soaps and detergent. After carefully reading the warning labels and instructions, lightly dust borax to areas where you see high roach traffic.  Borax can also be added to the inside of garbage bins, where often roaches are found at nighttime when they come out to dine. Keep repeating these steps until the roach infestation is gone.

Cut Off Food Supplies

Another surefire way to eradicate a roach infestation is to cut off food supplies. This means you need to do the following:

  • Wash dishes every night
  • Avoid leaving food out on countertops (this includes food for pets)
  • Dry foods should be stored in airtight containers before placing them inside cabinets
  • Sweep floors and vacuum daily, to ensure crumbs left along the floor are gone. 
  • Take garbage out daily

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Eliminate Water Sources

Roaches are very dependent on water for survival.  They can continue to live for an extended period without food – but cannot survive without access to water. First, focus on leaky pipes and faucets.  Basic home improvement projects that eliminate extra water accessibility and moisture in and around your home will act as a deterrent. Without water, roaches won’t make your home their home.  Additionally, dry surfaces and sinks before bed and consider emptying your pet’s bowls at night. 

Reach Out for Help

The tips listed above are effective strategies to eliminate cockroaches and help prevent future infestations. If you do have a major infestation, it is a good idea to reach out to your local pest control professionals.  With periodic spraying and preventative pest control plan in place, dirty cockroaches will be a thing of the past. 


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