How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Why Cockroach Invade Homes

It’s that time of year again. The weather gets colder outside and the rain comes down and unfortunately, if your home isn’t protected, the cockroaches come in. The thought of roaches in the home gives anyone the heebie jeebies. Having a regular pest control is a very wise choice but here are some Do-it-yourself ways to protect your home from these pests.


Why Cockroaches Invade Homes 

First, let’s look at some whys. Why do cockroaches come into homes? What attracts them? Where do they come from? We all know that an unkempt house attracts bugs. They come looking for food, water and shelter for survival. They also come looking for drier areas when the rain has flooded out their outside homes but don’t think they don’t like the water. Moisture is another big attractant for cockroaches, so even if the house is spotless, excessive condensation or small leaks under sinks, in the bathroom or refrigerator, they will find a snug place to nest. It seems impossible to keep them away but there are many ways to deter these creepy insects from your living space.

Obviously, keep the home clean and free of food debris. Food attracts bugs of all kinds so keep the feeding sources available. Even open cereal boxes, dog food and sugary snacks can keep roaches well fed. So get serious about storing food in air tight containers so roaches won’t have easy access to it. Keep the microwave, air fryer and other appliances clear of crumbs, food particles and sugary spills. Bleach is a good deterrent as they avoid it but it isn’t a bug eliminator, it keeps them away temporarily. Also, keep your home clear of excess cardboard, they can digest the fibers and hide in undisturbed stacks of rubbish. Keep rain gutters clean and free of debris. It holds warm moisture, perfect for nesting. Put firewood away from the house so you’re not inviting them in. All of these habits can feed and house cockroaches.

Try These DIY Remedies

Aside from regular pest control, there are some home remedies you can use that are safe for you and your pets but are detrimental to roaches. Boric acid and borax powder are very common roaches controllers. Another powder is Diatomaceous earth which kills the little pest by cutting their underbellies and dehydrating them. Both of these are in powder form and can be mixed with sugar and sprinkled in places that cockroaches frequently, such as between counters on the floor or next to the refrigerator. It could also be sprinkled around your basement or garage.

Baking Soda is another DIY agent, but baking soda is a deterrent by itself, as it is said that it has an unpleasant odor and taste to roaches. So Mix it with sugar and you now added an attractant. The difference between diatomaceous earth, borax and baking soda is the baking soda has to be ingested the other powders can kill after contact. Baking soda will dehydrate the cockroach from the inside and result in extermination.

One other quick and easy do-it-yourself mixture is fabric softener or liquid soap and water. Mix one part soap and three parts water and put it in a spray bottle. When you spot a pesky little cockroach give it a squirt or two. The softener clogs their tracheae, which are openings on their bodies that are used for breathing. So, spraying them will quickly suffocate the bug. This of course will only kill one at a time, so using this method along with one of the powder methods to keep cockroaches out of your home.

Cleaning lady cleans cleaning tap

Remember, to keep your house clean of crumbs and sugary spills. Keep cereal and loose food in airtight containers. Keep appliances maintained so excess condensation or water leaks aren’t providing a cozy place for cockroaches. If you find that these DIY methods just aren’t doing the job, you may have a bigger, unseen problem behind the walls, floor board or in places we just don’t have access to regularly. This is the time to get a hold of a local pest control specialist and have the professionals take care of the problem.


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