Preventing Mosquitos Around Your Home

Prevent Mosquito

In the spring-summer, mosquitoes can become a huge issue, especially with their bites which can be itchy and often times irritating. These bites can also be dangerous with a chance of carrying pathogens that cause diseases.


With mosquitoes being a health issue you are going to want to rid of them as soon as possible, here’s how you can prevent them:


  • Remove Sources of Standing Water


Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in standing water, by taking away this source you can prevent them from establishing themselves in your yard. Examples of these include anything that can accumulate water such as buckets, old tires, and trash lids. By doing this you are taking away the environment that allows mosquitoes to prosper.

mosquito standing water


  • Clean Out The Gutters


Maintaining your gutters can also be crucial as debris can cause a build-up of water. This is where mosquitoes can lay eggs making clogged gutters a perfect home.


  • Change Out Water Sources


Sources of standing water for example: pet bowls, plant containers, bird baths, and rain barrels should be changed weekly. By frequently doing this you can prevent mosquito eggs from reaching adulthood and disturb their environment.


  • Drain Water and Fill Low Areas


Similar to what has been said earlier, by draining any accumulated water sources, mosquitoes cannot establish an environment for themselves. If other areas cannot be drained, try filling them with dirt and level the surface to stop the problem as a whole.


  • Maintain Pools and Other Water Features


Unmaintained pools can become another prime environment for mosquitoes to thrive; be sure to frequently maintain your pool’s water treatment and make sure that all filters are working. Be weary of kiddie pools as well, as if not emptied, mosquitoes can inhibit them.

maintain pool to prevent mosquito


  • Replace Outdoor Lighting


Just like other insects, mosquitoes are attracted to lights. “Bug lights” are special in that they emit wavelengths that are not attractive to insects. By replacing your typical outdoor lighting with “bug lights” fewer mosquitoes should be attracted to your home.


  • Protect Yourself


To protect yourself against mosquito bites, try to avoid being outside at times mosquitoes are most prominent: dawn and dusk. Limit exposed skin as well with long sleeves and pants. Applying mosquito repellent is also highly recommended to further prevent bites.


  • Call Professionals


If you are experiencing difficulty with mosquitoes, seek help from a professional. Mosquitoes can rapidly spread and it can be difficult to control their population. By calling a professional, they can find a method that works best to solve the mosquito problem in your home.


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