Simple Tips to Prevent Pests like Flies


Aug 20

August 12, 2020

Simple DIY Solutions to Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer 

Summer temperatures rise, and so does the number of pests we find inside our homes and outdoor living spaces. Luckily,...

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Jul 20

July 16, 2020

Summer is the Season for Pests 

Summer has descended upon East Contra Costa County with a mighty swing of heat. The sunrise brings warm temperatures that...

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California Kingsnake


Jul 20

July 6, 2020

Common Snakes Found in Northern California

This article was sourced from ebparks.org     Pacific Gopher Snake The background color of the Pacific gopher snake is...

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Jun 20

June 24, 2020

Silverfish Are Creepy Pests – Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Them 

Silverfish are one of the oldest species of insects found in the world! They are creepy, silver bugs that you...

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Aantex - House Spider


Jun 20

June 19, 2020

House Spiders May Be More Helpful Than Harmful 

If you live inside any type of dwelling, chances are extraordinarily good that you have spiders. They may live in...

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June Bug


Jun 20

June 8, 2020

June Bugs – How To Identify and Control Them In Your Yard 

June bugs are a type of beetle that belongs to the Scarabaeidae family and vary in appearance. They generally only...

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Common Pest - Earwig


May 20

May 27, 2020

Common Pests: Earwigs

Earwigs are easily recognizable by their pincers (forceps harmless to humans) at the ends of their abdomen. They are dark...

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May 20

May 18, 2020

A Rattlesnake in the Spring Can Be A Danger to Homeowners

The luxury of warming up in the spring sun is one that rattlesnakes appreciate as much, if not more, than...

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Rats during Covid19


May 20

May 14, 2020

Four Key Signs of Rodents in Your Home

Here are four key signs of rodents in your home. If you are worried about an infestation, here are signs...

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May 20

May 12, 2020

Prevent Common Garden Pests

Summertime is when many gardens are flush with some of the most delicious, flavorful and tempting tastes of the summer....

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