Prevent Summer Pests With Simple Steps

Especially after a long, cool winter and months of rain, the warm summer sun is extra inviting. However, just as much as we are craving to be outside, pests and rodents are also swarming outdoors. Summer fun is easily disrupted with ants, mosquitos and other stinging pests. Following a few simple tips will prevent summer pests and allow you to enjoy your evening BBQ, long days lounging poolside and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit carefree.

Proactive Ant Reduction


If you have ever been to a picnic and seen the stream of ants marching across your spread, you know what inconvenience ants are. The second ants know there are accessible food and water source, you can be sure they are going to bring their friends to the feast to bring food back to their nest. Plus, fire ants are not just an inconvenience, a string can hurt and cause potentially dangerous reactions. To help eliminate the risk of ants:

  • Cover food during picnics and BBQs and clean up liquid spills immediately to reduce the chance of attracting ants.
  • Teach kids not to disturb ant hills to avoid being stung by more aggressive ant species
  • Replace mulch and pine-straw with less pest-friendly lava rock or egg rock.
  • Ask your local pest control technician to spray purposefully to eliminate ants.

Prevent Mosquito Infestations

mosquito bites

Mosquitos can be annoying, cause incredible discomfort with itching, but also pose risks and dangers due to the diseases and pathogens they carry. And, these bites are just as inconvenient and dangerous for your family. To prevent major mosquito problems follow these tips:

  • Remove any standing water in your yard. From birdbaths to puddles, all the standing water attracts mosquitoes.
  • Check pool and hot tub filtering systems. Broken pumps mean stagnant water.
  • Avoid being outside during peak hours
  • Ask your pest control company to perform a barrier treatment in your yard.


Reduce the Risk of Stinging Pests


Stinging pests such as bees, wasps, and hornets are another summer pest that most people want to avoid. Although bees have a space in our ecological systems, most homeowners do not want them buzzing around family BBQs or days at the pool. Stinging pests are attracted to foods with sweet, sticky residues, which are common treats in the summer heat. Plus, keep in mind that many people have life-threatening allergies to stings so be sure follow a few simple tips to keep your family and guests safe from the sting:

  • Keep prescribed medicine on hand, just in case there is an incident.
  • Cover foods, especially open soda cans and juices, which are especially tempting to stinging pests.
  • Wooden decks, piles of firewood, and wood surfaces are tempting to stinging pests, especially carpenter bees and wasps. Take the time to fully, and appropriately, seal all word surfaces annually.
  • Contact your local pest control company to conduct a thorough inspection and treatment in areas.

Following a few simple steps, can help reduce the risk of some of summer’s most common pests. Take some time to survey your yard and home and decide what preventative steps you can take to help keep your home enjoyable and safe for the summer. If you are ready to work with a local pest control company, call the team at Aantex today at 925-240-5100, to schedule your pest control consultation.


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