Termite Swarms Appear in the Spring 

Winged - Termite

The warm sun is finally becoming a welcomed part of each day. Warmer days mean more time outside, gardens, and the end of a long, dreary, and rainy winter. For homeowners, it also means the beginning of termite season. Although termites can be a problem throughout the year, especially if they have already infested a home, spring means termite swarms. Learn more about termite swarms, preventative measures, and steps you can take if you think there may be termites in or around your home.

Spring Showers Bring Termite Swarms 

Dry wood Termites

Dry wood Termites

Spring showers bring blooming flowers – not termites. It is the blooming flowers of several types of trees that are loosely connected to termite swarms. Most subterranean termites swarm in the spring and summer and are linked to dogwood tree buds and blooming chestnut trees, for example. In fact, males and females will crowd around a particular crop, or blooming tree, and start to build their colonies. Termites look quite similar to a flying ant and are often mistaken for such. However, if you find wings collecting near windows, trees, or door – that is a sure sign you have termites since termites shed their wing when they find a partner. Other signs are mud tubes, damaged wood and cracking, and peeling paint. 

 How to Prevent a Termite Infestation 

The best way to deal with a termite infestation is to be proactive and avoid infestation. Although partnering with a pest control management company such as Aantex is always advisable, there are some steps you can take before you call in the professionals. 

termite fecal - aantex

Termite fecal

  • Remove access by sealing gaps around water and gas lines.
  • Reduce food sources by replacing mulch around your home with cellulose free alternatives or keeping it at least 6-inches from your foundations. 
  • Reduce excess moisture by fixing leaks, reducing air conditioning condensations, and addressing moisture problems in your basement or crawlspaces. 

Partner with a Professional Pest Management Company 

Termite damage can be extensive and expensive to fix. The best way to keep your home safe from termite infestations is to keep a close working relationship with a local pest control company. Professionals can inspect your home and offer guidance on how to keep your home safe and pest-free. They can also work with you to create a regular maintenance plan to ensure termites do not make their way into your home. When you are ready to schedule a free consultation, reach out to us online, or call our customer support team at 925-240-5100.


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