Thanksgiving Travels Invite Unwanted Bed Bugs Home

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In a blink of an eye, it seems that the holiday season is upon up.  With holidays comes the chance to travel, visit new places, or spend time with family and friends that may live out of state.  Preparing for Thanksgiving travel may be stressful; however, not taking precautions means you may have more to deal with this holiday season than you bargained.  One big problem you need to worry about is bed bugs. Bed bug populations have significantly increased over recent years. Traveling without taking special care may mean you bring these unwanted guests home with you. Here are some simple tips you can follow to avoid any Thanksgiving bed bug disasters. 

Do Your Homework


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As soon as you know you are traveling for Thanksgiving, you should do a bit of research and planning.  Luckily, there are many tools you can use to find out if there are bed bug problems or histories of such before you make any decisions. 

  • Check out motels, hotels, and inn reviews online before booking your room.  Choose accommodations that make no mention of bedbugs.
  •  Visit one of several websites that track bedbugs at hotelsBed Bug Reports and Bed Bug Registry are both excellent resources.
  • Before you book your room, call the hotel and ask if the place has been exposed to bedbugs. Some states do not require hotels to report unless a customer asks. So, make sure you ask!
  • Pack your clothes in airtight plastic bags. This will act as a barrier to any bed bugs, should you come across any. 

Check for Bed Bugs When You Arrive At The Hotel

  1. Check the seams of beds and other furniture for bed bugs, or bedbug waste.
  2. Inspect the bed, headrest, screw holes of the bed frame for bedbugs, or bed bug eggs.  You should also look at other furniture, wall hangings, and outlets. This all should be done before you bring the first item of clothing into the room.
    Bed Bug Infestation

    Bed Bug Infestation

  3. Do not leave clothes lying around the floor or on the bed. Keep them in your suitcase, or leave them hanging in the closet.
  4. Remember, bed bugs can be anywhere…not just your hotel room. Movie theaters, public transportation, or restaurants are also potential spaces for bed bugs. 

When You Arrive Home Check for Bed bugs

As soon as you arrive home, you should carefully inspect all suitcases, bags, clothing, shoes, jackets, or any other items you brought with you home.  This should be done before you bring your suitcases inside your home. 

Airport Travel

Airport Travel

Wash all your items in very hot water, even if it is new or unworn.  Dry your articles on high heat for at least an hour. This will kill any bed bugs or eggs that may have come home with you.  Wipe down your luggage, shoes, and carry-on bags.  

When Calling A Pest Management Company Is Important 

It is always important to keep in touch with your local pest management company after a long trip.  Watch for signs of insect bites, that will likely be itchy welts. And continue to inspect your clothes and furniture. If you see signs of eggs or bed bugs, it is essential you reach out to Aantex immediately.  Our pest management technicians will be able to provide treatment and get your home clean, and safe, within no time. If you have concerns about bed bug problems, schedule a free consultation online, or call us at 925-240-5100 and schedule your appointment today.


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