The Worst Pests Require Professional Pest Management 


All pests can be considered unwanted guests to your home or office. However, some pests are more problematic than others. They are dirty, can cause significant damage to your home or office, and are just plain difficult to eliminate. If you are experiencing some of the worst pests in California, reach out to Aantex to help remove unwanted guests. This article outlines a few of the worst pests you can encounter and some tips for when you should call for professional intervention. 

Bed Bugs May Be The Worst Pests

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug 

Unfortunately, bed bugs are not only some of the most common pests in California, but they are also some of the most challenging pests to eliminate from your home. Bed bugs are often associated with unhygienic conditions. And although that is true to a point, bed bugs are after blood. Bed bugs are also known as vampire bugs because they survive and thrive off of blood. Even worse, bed bugs are resistant. They can travel on pets, people, or even in luggage. They are common at hotels, movie theatres, dressing rooms, and buses. Signs you may have a bed bug infestation include: 

  • Small red bites, often itchy, found on your back, chest, neck, or feet.
  • Small blood spots on your bedsheets.
  • Rust-colored spots on bedding or furniture from bed bug fecal matter.
  • Small shells that are shed from bedbugs when they grow or molt.

How to eliminate a bed bug infestation? Quite simply, call professionals. Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to remove, and working with an experienced company, trained in bed bug removal, is essential. Most DIY methods will not eliminate a bed bug infestation entirely. 

Cockroaches Are The Worsts Pests 

Prevent Roaches - Aantex Pest

Prevent Roaches – Aantex Pest

Another contender in the ‘worst’ pest category is cockroaches. Cockroaches are dirty, carry diseases, and leave a mess. They also can harm a person’s heath because they carry many types of infectious diseases and bacteria.  These unwanted pests will infest a location that has ample food and water supplies. If you see a cockroach, you surely have more hidden away in dark spaces. The best method to keep your home free from roaches is to store food properly and ensure there are no leaks or areas with standing water. Cockroaches can be very problematic because:

  • They contaminate food they come into contact with by excreting fecal matter on it, and shed skin, hair, and leave empty eggshells.
  • A cockroach’s saliva and skin will excrete allergens that can cause a spike in asthma attacks in you, family members, or pets.

Cockroaches are very common throughout Northern California. Regular pest management treatments will keep cockroaches away from your home. Plus, trained technicians will be able to spot areas that are attractive to cockroaches and help you clean up any problem areas before they become infested.  

Carpenter Ants Cause Major Damage

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ants are considered one of our worst pests to have because they are a form of a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO). This means, like a termite, a Carpenter Ant can chew through wood and destroy the structural integrity of your home. Not surprisingly, this aggressive pest is known to bite humans and pets as well. Carpenter ants can be tough to eliminate once there is an infestation because they build satellite nests. From the central nest, the ants will build their empire through a network of satellite nests inside and outside of your home.  

A professional pest management company will be able to perform inspections to determine where the primary nest is and then begin to eradicate the satellite nests as well. Most DIY methods fail to eliminate the entire problem – which can result in dangerous living conditions for you and your family. 

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Many of the most common types of pests in our community are also the worsts pests around. The pests outlined in this article are probably familiar to you. However, do not let familiarity trick you into thinking it is a pest problem you can eliminate on your own. Call Aantex at 925-240-5100 to schedule your free pest consultation today or book your appointment online

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