Tips to Keep your Home Spider Free

Aantex - Tips to Prevent Spiders

With winter coming to a close this year and spring only a few months away, the time is upon us when
spiders will be coming out and moving about—and that means moving into our homes.
Each year, homeowners find themselves battling spiders trying to make their residence their new home.
Many choose to call upon a professional pest control service, which is an option. Others take to the
internet to research other ways of eliminating the little pests.
Several methods have proven highly effective when trying to keep spiders out of the home. We have
curated a few of them for you here.

Cedar Wood:
One of the most commonly seen species of tree growing in North America is cedar. The wood gives off a
strong fragrance that we humans may like the smell of, but spiders detest it. Using items such as
cedarwood chips in a bag and hung in the closet will aid in keeping spiders out of those darker corners of
your home. If the cedar wood chips are not a practical choice, you can also use cedar essential oils.

Cedar Chips

Eliminate Outdoor Lighting:
Light is a beacon call to mostly all types of insects and flies. It is not so much an attraction to the light
itself but to the potential food that gathers around it for spiders. Spiders are naturally attracted to
those areas that provide a consistent food source, and bright lights, particularly at night, offer that.
When they are not needed, it is best to turn off your outdoor lighting, which signals to spiders to move
on–nothing here for you.

Lightbulbs outside

Frequent House Cleaning:
When a spider decides to take up a residence in your home, it will seek out those areas that will allow it
to hide, such as in corners or small spaces. Frequently cleaning your house will disrupt their nesting
areas and reduce the chances that a spider will create a web. The frequent cleaning also removes dust
and any food particles known to attract other insects, making food sources for the spider.

Cleaning dust

Keeping Webs Knocked Down:
Your vacuum cleaner is your most valuable and effective tool in the battle to prevent spiders in the
home. With the flick of a switch, a vacuum cleaner will quickly eliminate the spider along with any eggs
that they may have laid. Using your vacuum to knock down and eliminate webs is only effective if you
make sure that you empty the bag or canister into a plastic bag outside of the home.

Vacuum cleaner

Peppermint Oil:
Another scent that spiders detest, in addition to the cedar, as mentioned above, is that of peppermint
oil. Spiders use the the tiny microscopic hairs on their legs to smell and to sense any vibrations, and the
strong scent of peppermint will overwhelm the spiders ability to do either. Peppermint naturally
contains monoterpenoids, a fumigant chemical, and various insecticidal properties.
The tips provided above can assuredly go a long way to helping prevent spiders from taking up
permanent residence in your home. However, if you feel overrun with hairy-legged little pests, the best
course of action is to seek out the assistance and services of a pest control professional.

Peppermint oil


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