Tree Health Means Pest Management In The Fall

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A tree in the summer means shade and a reprieve from the scorching Contra Costa heat.  Trees in the fall mean maintenance. High winds that categorize Contra Costa fall and winter months mean we need to take steps to ensure our trees are pest-free and strong enough to withstand the weather.  Here are some simple pest management steps to keep your landscape trees in tip-top shape. 

Pest Management

Prune Your Trees Accordingly 

Trees that have not been pruned accordingly can be more susceptible to unwanted pest or rodent infestations.  Insects and rodents are part of nature, however, they can damage your trees. To help trees become less inviting to bugs, prune your trees to create a framework where more light can penetrate the tree.  Remove any branches that cross and crowd growth and any water sprouts – which are long, straight shoots that grow upward and rarely produce more growth. Fall is the best time to prune before new Spring growth appears.   When there is more light, and fewer spaces where bugs can build protective habitats in the tangled tree growth, you will have less of an insect problem. 

Mulch Mindfully for Tree Health

Mulch is an important aspect of tree health. Mulch reduces weeds, conserves moisture, and improves the qualities of the soil. However, experts suggest keeping mulch away from actually touching the trunk of the tree. When there is too much mulch, moisture builds up.  This can mean wood decay diseases and an unstable foundation, but it also means the perfect conditions for attracting insects such as cockroaches, termites, sowbugs, millipedes, earwigs, and centipedes. These insects can cause major damage to your tree, but also can make their way into your home and create expensive problems for you.  To keep unwanted pests away from your home and ensure they do not damage your tree, mulch mindfully. 

Earwig - Pest control


Protect Your Tree From Rodents and Animals

Another important tip is to protect your trees from rodents and small animals. Rats thrive in mature landscapes, which means trimming tree branches is a good idea.  When tree branches are not connected to fences, wires, and rooftops, rats cannot get into the tree. You should also install rat guards in the tree to keep rats out.  Finally, wrap the trunk or paint it with latex paint to protect the tree from pests that like to burrow into trees. Wire caging is a perfect detractor for critters that like to scramble up trees and hide.

Rat - Fall Pest

Know When To Get Help

Trees are an important part of a landscape.  However, it is important to keep your trees healthy and free of pests.  Ensure you are taking the time to prune and mulch your trees appropriately.  If you still think that you have a pest problem, reach out to your local pest management company.  You will have the chance to talk to a local who has deep knowledge of local pests and rodents that can destroy your landscape.  Call Aantex for a free consultation at 925-240-5100 or book your appointment online.  


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