Wind Scorpions Are Intimidating Pests

Wind Scorpion

Windy days can be an invitation for Wind Scorpions to make their ways onto your porches and into your homes. These spiders, known as a sun spider, camel spider, or a wind scorpion, are common to the Conta Costa, San Joaquin and Alameda county regions of California. They are known as aggressive predators and probably not a preferred visitor to your home. Learn a bit more about this arachnid and what you can do to keep them out of your living spaces. 

What Is A Wind Scorpion

Wind Scorpion

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Although their name might indicate otherwise, wind scorpions are not, in fact, scorpions. They get their name due to their front appendages resembling that of a scorpion. Wind scorpion bodies measure anywhere from ½ inch to a full 2 inches. They have front appendages which are large, toothed, jawlike pincers. Their second pair of appendages have suction tips for seizing prey. Their back legs are recognized to be sensory. There is no doubt their appearance is a bit intimidating.  

Are Wind Scorpions Aggressive?

Wind Scorpions are known to be aggressive. Luckily, they are not poisonous. Wind scorpions are predators, but they have no poison to help them catch their prey – which also may explain their aggressive build. They are very aggressive hunters that stalk their prey and then capture them in their arms. They get their name from their incredible ability to run at amazing speeds. Again, luckily, people are not a wind scorpion’s prey of choice. These spiders prefer to feed off of insects and smaller animals such as lizards. These spiders look fierce and fight hard, but they are perfectly harmless to people and pets.

Can Wind Scorpions Be Helpful?

Some experts say that wind scorpions can be beneficial because they feed off of small inspects and keep homes and yards insect-free. Termites often make up the bulk of the diet of a wind scorpion – which is why they may be found around homes. If you find a wind scorpion inside your home, experts recommend you usher the spider outside. They have a nomadic lifestyle, and although they are not dangerous, they are not suitable pets, either. It is best to let them free. 

Prevention Is Always Best

Wind scorpions are not dangerous and may be appreciated guests outdoors where they help control insect problems. But, it is best to prevent the entry of all sorts of unwanted pests, spiders and, rodents by repairing worn screens, fixing weather stripping around doors and windows, and sealing cracks and crevices. Also, take the time to inspect and rinse children’s toys and garden equipment off before bringing them inside. 

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