These answers may change over the course of time. Practicing pest control is an evolving science. We incorporate changes when they are proven as a minimalist solution.

If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we welcome the opportunity to answer your specific concerns.

Answer : Many pests can and do actually live inside of your home/business. If these are not addressed, your pest problem will persist. We strive to select minimally invasive, odorless products that are applied to strategic areas to control these pests.

Answer : We have products for wet and dry situations. Whichever formulation we imply is meant to adhere and bind with the soil or treated surface. We do not want our products leeching away.

REMEMBER: DRAINS TO BAY. We will not pollute our water ways.

Answer : Yes, our technicians are licensed and bonded. They undergo rigorous training and re-certification programs. We gladly welcome you to wait outside while our technician is in your home, where you can lock up after.


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