Jordan – Termite Specialist

I have been in pest control for 10 years and what I like most about this job is being on the move every day and having a different scenery, solving my customer’s pest problems and getting the job done right the first time. My top priority is to meet the customer’s needs in the safest way possible and I take great pride in all my customers remaining satisfied with our company.

My hobbies in my free time include extreme sports, spending time with my girlfriend and family.

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Aantex is insured and bonded. All employees that provide service are
background checked and licensed.
Structural Pest Control License #6745

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Jordan Martinez has been a part of the Aantex Pest Control family since 2008.  As a young high school graduate, Martinez knew he wanted to serve our country in the U.S. military.  He enlisted and then waited to be called to duty.  During his wait, Jordan was hired by Aantex Pest Control to work as a service specialist.  

In late 2008, Martinez was deployed for a year and spent much of his enlistment in Iraq.  Jordan was assigned to the infantry and was a field artillery specialist until 2009 when he returned to Brentwood. When the news spread back to Aantex that Jordan has returned to the area, he was immediately invited to rejoin the Aantex team, this time as a Termite Specialist.  Jordan was able to take the skills he learned in the military and apply them to the pest control industry; qualifying him to train and learn some of the most complex best practices in the pest control industry.

Outside of deployment, Jordan continued to serve by doing drills 3-4 days a month and continued to balance his time between working for Aantex and serving our country.  While on drills, Jordan was tasked to practice destroying and decommissioning tanks and troop carrier vehicles, a huge task that required extensive trigonometry and geometry calculations in a short period of time, 25 seconds to be exact. 

After serving in Qatar for one year, Jordan received an honorable military discharge, completing 10 years of military service. When asked what the highlight of his service was, he stated, “Learning the importance of work ethics and putting the job before” himself and that “no matter what, the job has to get done.”

Jordan believes Aantex is truly a company that supports veterans by making the transition back into the civilian workforce seamless.  For many veterans, finding work that aligns with military experience can be a challenge.  However, Martinez said Aantex invited him back with open arms and quickly provided him with a work truck and necessary tools to answer to his customer’s pest control needs. 

Message from Aantex

It is truly a privilege to support our veteran community. Jordan Martinez is a true representative of the work ethic, professionalism, and experience that defines the Aantex family of pest control professionals.  We  proudly support active military and veterans, and is honored to have Jordan on our team. 

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