Food Grade Manufacturing Facilities/Warehouse &

Food Distribution Center Facilities

Aantex Pest control provides a comprehensive program that includes both preventative and corrective pest management measures based on the unique challenges of each food grade manufacturing facility. Aantex Pest control technicians are trained to clearly understand the connection between pest management, good manufacturing practices, and food safety. Our programs are designed to comply with all third-party audit standards. Aantex Pest Control’s integrated pest management programs include routine inspections, quality audits and effective treatment protocols, all fully documented in an onsite Log Book. This attention to detail ensures the facility remains compliant with all third-party inspections and audits, particularly when there is zero tolerance for pest activity. Aantex Pest Control service professionals will communicate their findings on each visit and assist facility personnel by making reports easy to understand and readily available. Aantex Pest Control personnel can also provide on-site training for your employees on pest management topics such as pest identification, biology and behavior; the role of Inspection & Sanitation on IPM programs, IPM in a food manufacturing environment, and many others.

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