Rodent Program

Aantex Pest Control offers a rodent control program that begins with a complete inspection of your home or business.

Our service professionals will inspect for evidence of dropping, nesting materials, gnaw marks and most importantly points of entry. The technician will draw a graph showing all the points of entry. Once the inspection is complete our technician will meet with the customer and go over his findings.

Some of the areas we repair :

When dealing with holes, cracks and other openings that rodents use to gain access into your home or business, exclusion work is highly recommended.

Exclusion work consists of :

Exclusion work minimizes the need for trapping and chemical control, and provides a more permanent solution to rodent problems. Animals are an important part of our environment and add to the beauty of our world in the proper wild settings. However, wildlife can become destructive pests damaging landscaped areas, homes and other buildings. Our programs will help keep your home and property vector free, Year Round! Contact Aantex Pest Control for a Free Consultation regarding our rodent service.