Avoid Unexpected Winter Pest Infestations With These Tips 


In the midst of a cold winter, a warm day may be welcoming.  You may want to climb out from under layers of blankets and enjoy the bright sun.  And just as you leave your home, many pests that tend to hibernate during the winter may mistakenly wake up thinking it is spring.  The result is you may end up dealing with an unexpected winter pest infestation. Warm weather will bring increased pest activity from insects and spiders.  Cockroaches, ants, termites are the most problematic insects. To prevent an infestation, here are some steps you can take to keep pests out. 

Follow An Integrated Pest Management Program All Winter

Integrated Pest Managment Planning

Simply put, the best way to avoid an infestation is to put an integrated pest management program in place. Integrated pest management programs are designed to anticipate the pest common in your area and to take proactive steps to keep pests out of your home.  Pest management technicians will inspect your home regularly, offer proactive solutions, and identify emerging conditions that encourage pest infestations. A good team in place with a good management program is a great strategy to follow to help your home stay free from pest infestations. 

Keep Your Home In Good Repair

Home Maintenance to prevent pests

Another simple tip to keep pests and other unwanted insects out of your home is to keep your home in good repair. For example, check your screen on windows and doors annually. Tiny openings in screening will let flies and spiders inside.  Bold rodents will also invite themselves in. Checking the foundation and walls for tiny cracks and crevices is also important. Filling them in with caulking will keep pests outdoors and your home pest-free. Another home management tip is to consider checking the openings on the exterior of your home where wiring, cabling, and pipes are. Closing up openings will help keep pests out. 

Check Your Irrigation System every Winter

Repair water leaks

Pests, rodents and other insects are all attracted to water.  Not only is it necessary for survival, but many pests and rodents also prefer to nest near water as well.  An annual check of your irrigation system outdoors will allow you to see if there have been any leaks. Leaks create standing water – which brings pests to the yard.  Regular maintenance and checks on your irrigation system will mean you reduce your risk for pest infestation. 

Work With A Local Pest Management Company

The best way to get started on preventing unexpected pest infestation is to work with a local pest management company.  A local company will understand local pest problems and be able to target seasonal pests. Trained technicians will also be able to check your home and yard and offer suggestions to help keep your home safe from pests.  Reach out to our team by scheduling your free consultation online or by calling 925-420-5100


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