Do I Have A Cockroach Problem In My Garage?

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No homeowners want to find a cockroach crawling around in their homes.  Roaches are a sign of uncleanliness and are known carriers of all varieties of disease.  Homeowners will go to all lengths to ensure their home is free from these unwanted pests.  However, many homeowners find cockroaches swarming in their garages, especially in the evening and late-night hours.  

Is it Common To See A Cockroach In A Garage?

As pest management strategies begin to work, roaches may leave the interior of your home and find refuge in your garage.  Roaches need three basic things to survive: warmth, moisture, and food. This makes garages very welcoming places for a roach to live.  Garages can be dark, humid and have all varieties of food sources. Frankly, it isn’t a surprise that roaches find themselves making your garage home.

How Do I Eliminate A Cockroach Infestation? 

The only true way to get rid of roaches for good is to make your garage as uninviting as possible. This means eliminating places where roaches have access to their survival needs: water, food, and shelter. 

Clean Clean Clean!

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  • To get rid of roaches, give your garage a good cleaning.  This means throwing away cardboard boxes, paper bags, and piles of papers.  The starches in these products can be used as food and also seen as a safe place to lay eggs.  Store everything you have in boxes or bags in a plastic container. No paper or cardboard means no food or shelter for roaches. 

Take Out The Trash!

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  • Take your garbage outside into closed bins.  Many people casually remove kitchen and bathroom trash from the house and stash it in the garage until the next pickup.  But, trash is a great source of food for roaches. Some families are concerned with raccoons or other animals spilling full garbage cans, but a simple bungee cord will keep the outdoor garbage can lids on tight. 

Reduce Extra Moisture

  • Removing extra sources of water is important.  Drippy hoses, leaky hot water heaters or water softeners are all attractive to roaches.  Just even little drops of water can create more than enough moisture to keep an entire family of roaches happy for a long time.  Fix the leaks and dry up the garage and roaches will leave. Without water, they cannot survive. 

Know When To Call An Expert 

Once you have converted your garage into a roach repellant versus an inviting home, chances are good you will not see them again. However, if you are still having problems, reach out to a local, trustworthy, pest management company such as Aantex. Aantex is familiar with the typical pest problems in the area and their team is highly trained on how to eliminate major pest problems.  If you are ready for a free consultation, schedule your appointment online or contact our customer service team at 925-240-5100.

If you believe you may have been in contact with Bed Bugs, we’re here to help! AANTEX Pest Control offers a variety of free inspections and services the entire Bay Area. 1-800-471-5555

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