Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe While Using DIY Pest Control

Parents of children and parents of furry friends, such as dogs and cats, often are concerned with the idea of pest control. Although no homeowner wants unwanted pests and rodents in and around their homes, the health and wellbeing of their children take precedence over an annoyance.  At Aantex, we want to keep your home pest free while keeping your pets and kids safe. Here are a few tips to help ensure a safe environment for pets and kids while conducting pest control.

pet safety

Read the Label and Ask Questions

caution labels

Regardless of whether you are working with a pest control company or completing your own DIY pest control project, take time to read the labels and ask questions about the products you will be treating your home with. Use products only for their intended use and follow directions accurately. Try and choose the product that is the least toxic, which is often designated by the term, “caution” – meaning the product is only slightly toxic when absorbed by the body. Also, only apply it where your home truly needs treatment.  Look for tiny crevices and cracks where pests live and apply only there.

Store Products Responsibly

Kids and pets are notorious for getting into things.  This is why is it incredibly important to store any pest control product responsibly to avoid any accidents.  Keep bottles and containers stored out of reach of children in secured containers. Keeping them behind cabinet doors will help ensure pets cannot accidentally knock them on the floor as well.  If you use baits or poisons, place them in secured bait traps so children and pets cannot access them.


Secure Food and Toys

kid safety

Before any treatment is applied, take the time to secure any food or toys.  At Aantex, our pest control technicians will take the time to do this while servicing your home. It is standard practice to turn animal food trays and kid’s toys in a safe area to avoild contact with products. However, for all DIY pest control applications, place food in the refrigerator or a tightly sealed container stored in a cabinet where sprays will not be used. Keep all toys, clothing and other personal belongings a safe distance away from where there will be a treatment applied.  This will ensure residue does not end up on the food you eat or the personal belongings you use throughout the day.


Call for Help


We know how important a pest free home is for families.  If you feel your pest control strategies are not eliminating the problem, reach out for an in-home consultation.  Not only will we review our plan of action, we will highlight the additional steps we take to keep your home, children and pets safe. Some of these steps include emptying pet food and water bowls and storing them upside down and away from treated areas, moving children’s toys into non-treated areas, and leaving informational notes about the treatments we use on your home once our work is complete. This will allow you to ensure kids and pets are not in treated areas until it is safe.


AANTEX Pest Control offers a variety of free inspections and serves the entire Bay Area.

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