Rattlesnake Threat Increases With Temperatures

Rattle Snake

Spring and summer seasons, with warm days, are active snake seasons.  Although many of us may be more mindful of where we step on long hikes or walks in open spaces, it is important to realize that as the temperatures heat up, rattlesnakes become more active.  Just as we like to spend our days exploring the beautiful hills of Contra Costa, so do snakes. Here are some tips to follow during an active snake season. 

Should I Be Concerned About Rattlesnakes?



Rattlesnakes are widespread throughout the state of California and can be especially profuse throughout regions of Contra Costa, Solano, San Joaquin, and Alameda counties.  You may be more likely to come across a rattlesnake out while hiking or exploring open spaces, however, snakes may also turn up around your home, in your yards under bushes or in woodpiles.  



Generally speaking, rattlesnakes are not aggressive unless they are provoked. If a rattlesnake does bite, there is a reason for concern as in some cases a bite may result in severe harm or even death.  The venom of a rattlesnake is considered toxic – however, these snakes will make every effort to avoid contact with people. Most rattlesnake bites occur when someone is trying to handle, kill, or capture a snake.

How Can I Stay Safe During Rattlesnake Season?

Most rattlesnake bites occur between the months of April and October.  This is when the days are the warmest and snakes and people alike are out enjoying the outdoors.   However, if you take simple precautions, you can stay safe. First, learn to recognize a rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes have triangular heads that are much wider than the snake’s body.  Their skin is dull, with blank and white bands on their tail – which is capped with a rattle. The rattle of a snake is said to sound like bacon sizzling. Other tips to stay safe include:


Local Rattlesnakes

  1. Hike with a friend so there is help in the case of an emergency.
  2. Look at the ground ahead as you are walking.
  3. Look around carefully under logs and under rocks before sitting down. 
  4. Do not place your hands or feet in areas you cannot fully see.
  5. Stay on designated trails. 
  6. Check areas around picnic tables, barbecues and camping areas before setting up – even if it is just a day trip. 
  7. If you encounter a rattlesnake, leave it alone. Notify staff, stay calm, and leave it alone. 

When to Call a Professional? 

First and foremost, if you are bitten by a rattlesnake, immediately call 911. It is considered a medical emergency.  If you see or suspect, a rattlesnake at your home or on your property, reach out to the team at Aantex. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable pest and rodent professionals can offer the insight you need to keep your home safe.  Call our customer service team to schedule a free consultation and learn how to keep your home and family safe from undesirable pests and rodents. Call 925-240-5100 or schedule your appointment online today.


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