Signs of Rodent Problems

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If you are concerned you may have a rodent problem in your home, there is no doubt that it is time for you to have an expert come into your home and complete a thorough home inspection.  The inspection will help you determine what sort of rodent infestation you have, why they are coming into your home, and what the best method for elimination is.  Here is what to expect once you make a call to your local experts.

Look for Signs

Tell-tale signs of rodents include droppings, urine odors, gnawed holes, rub and gnaw marks, rodent runways, rodent nests, noises in the walls or along the roof life, or unusual pet behavior.  During a good home inspection, your pest control technician will use a flashlight in dark places where rodents like to hide.  A full inspection will include a thorough investigation on both the interior and the exterior of your home, including attics, rooflines, basements and along the foundation, ledges, pipes, conduits and tree branches.

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Determine What the Problem Is

For homeowners, when there is a rodent problem, most do not care whether it is a rat or a mouse. The only concern is that the pest is eliminated. For pest control experts, the first step is figuring out what type of rodent is causing the problems in your home.  Different types of rodents, and the size of the overall rodent problem, will dictate what method of control is right for your home.  Pest control technicians are easily able to diagnose the type of infestation based on the strength of urine odors, type of gnaw marks, location of gnaw marks, and types of nests that are built. 

Determine the Best Rodent Control Solution

Identifying the correct rodent and understanding their behavioral patterns can ensure you are selecting the correct rodent control strategy, to eliminate the current problem and prevent future infestations.  Different types of solutions include trap and bait varieties, as well as nest clean up.  Preventative measures such as certain types of landscaping modifications and closing up small openings where mice and rats like to nest, will help protect your home. 

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Always Call an Expert

Regardless of the type or size of infestation, working with an expert team of pest control technicians is important.  Your pest control experts will know what steps to take to ensure your home is safe and your assets are protected, while also eliminating a potentially devastating problem.  If you think you have a rat or mouse problem, reach out to our team at Aantex for your free general inspection. 


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