Springtime Pests to Lookout For

springtime pests

With the days getting longer, the flowers blooming, and the warming weather, it is a good time to think about preventing pests from your home. Usually, these pests include rodents such as mice and rats or other stinging insects like termites and ants. And while these pests can disrupt your home it is important to understand how to prevent them.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants



With the warm weather, carpenter ants start to seek new shelter and food. These ants can be found in and outside the home or from a nearby colony. They can also damage your home structure with their tunnels of wood.

Pavement Ants

Spring pest - pavement ant

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Different from carpenter ants, pavement ants are found in the soil. They consist of large colonies but, there are actions you can take to prevent them from entering your home.

  • Be sure to clean up after your food and store it away
  • Food should be tightly sealed or put in the refrigerator
  • Keep scraps of food cleaned from the floor or countertops
  • Move any items such as boards, wood, and stones that could be hiding places for the ants

Bees and Wasps

springtime pests - bees

As the weather starts warming up, be on the lookout for bees and wasps as they are looking for a place to establish new colonies. If you see these insects in your home, as soon as possible treat any of their established areas to prevent them from creating a colony. With bees, be sure to be cautious as they are easily provoked; it would also be best to have them relocated as they are important to our environment.


springtime pests- spider

Usually found in garages, basements, and other sheltered places; the presence of spiders usually indicate other insects are around. Spiders are often in search of food so they prey on other insects which can be helpful. But be weary as some species of spiders can bite, which can be dangerous for children.


springtime pests- flies

Anytime the door is open, these flies always manage to get inside the house. While these house flies can be obnoxious to have around, the only solution would be to keep the doors closed.


springtime pests - fleas


To prevent any sort of flea infestation be sure to manage family pets with regular groomings or other necessary treatments. Pet-free households are also at risk from outside wildlife but, the best way to prevent fleas is by keeping up with proper sanitation. As by doing so it can limit any possible outbreaks.

Rats and Mice

springtime pests - mice

As these rodents can often be a year-round problem it is important to be on the lookout for any possible entry and exits points at your home. Examples of these of areas are vents, old doors, roof gaps, and piping in the walls. Make sure to also store all food away as these rodents are usually searching for food sources.

While many of these pests can be awful to deal with in your home, be sure to call a pest control as they can help you get rid of them today and find the best method for your home.

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