Sharon – Customer Care Representative

  1. Name: Sharon Campagna
  2. How many years in Pest Control? 0
  3. College? If yes, what was your major/degree? Canada college, Redwood city, tourism & tailoring
  4. Any accomplishments at past employers? Herbert Green Middle School – CA Distinguished School Award earned during the nine years I ran the library.
  5. What did you do before you started working for Aantex? Ran solution tests at USS/Posco, worked at Vector Labs as a fill assistant, ran a middle school library for 9 years, and office manager for an international freight company.
  6. Why is pest control your career? Looking forward to learning all about it.
  7. Why did you choose Aantex? Good reputation and I like working for family-owned businesses.
  8. Please tell me about your family/pets if you want to. Married to Tony, my highschool sweetheart, two kids – Gina is a high school math teacher in San Francisco & Nick, youth pastor in Placerville. Daughter-in-law Megan, a counselor at a group home.
  9. Personal accomplishments? Volunteered at the Palo Alto VA Brain Trauma Unit with my church. We served dinner once a month & delivered cookies every week.
  10. What are your hobbies or talents? I love quilting and enjoy baking.
  11. Favorite sports teams? SF Giants, 49’ers, and Sacramento Kings.
Aantex is insured and bonded. All employees that provide service are
background checked and licensed.
Structural Pest Control License #6745.
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