Wynton H – Service Professional

Wynton H

Name: Wynton Howard

How many years in pest control: 4.5

College: California Culinary Academy (SF) Le Cordon Bleu

Performance from past employers: High praise from customer reviews.

What did you do before you started working for Aantex: Before Aantex I worked for Orkin, EcoShield, Terminix, and in culinary.

Why is Pest control your career: Pest control is more fascinating to me than a job. Plus help relieve people of problems is always a plus.

Why did you choose Aantex: I Chose Aantex for its attention to is technicians and customers alike. I enjoy the family-like atmosphere this company exudes.

Please tell us about your family/pets if you want to: I have no family but I have a loving girlfriend of almost 2 years and a grumpy pet bird.

Personal accomplishments: My personal accomplishments fall into my hobbies which are difficult to explain.

What are your hobbies or talents: I’m what some would call a gigantic nerd. My hobbies include art, writing, tabletop role-playing games, live-action role-playing, trading card games, and naturally video games.

Favorite Sports teams: I don’t pay any attention to sports. Respect them, but totally not my thing.

Aantex is insured and bonded. All employees that provide service are
background checked and licensed.
Structural Pest Control License #6745.