How to Naturally Keep Pests Away

Summer Pests - Cockroach Infestation

Regardless of where you live, you will ultimately face the challenge of pests in your home.  And as the seasons shift, you can expect a new phase of pests and rodents fighting to get into your home.  This summer, there are a few steps you can take to keep pests out of your home naturally. Follow these expert recommendations to make your home an unwelcoming place for bugs and unwanted pests.

Make A Seasonal Pest Check

At the start of every season, take the time to do a seasonal check. It might be a good idea to invite a local pest control expert, such as those you will find at Aantex, to come in and walk you through their process.  However, looking for small cracks in your home’s foundation, small holes in the roof, or other tiny crevices can be an invitation to mice, squirrels, rats, bugs and other bugs to enter into your home. If you make a seasonal check, you can seal up any openings before you have uninvited guests. 

Hole in Roof - Prevent Rodents

Hole in Roof – Prevent Rodents

Move Wood Piles or Debris

Small animals, rodents and snakes take shelter in dark, moist and cool areas.  This makes woodpiles, soil piles, and mulch very inviting to pests. Before the weather changes, move woods piles away from the home, clean up construction sites on your property during remodels and do not allow too much soil or mulch to build up around the foundation of your home. 

Keep Yard Clean to Prevent Pests

Trim Trees Near Your Home

As desirable as large shade trees can be in the summer months to keep our yards free, they can cause problems if they grow too big near our homes. When large tree branches can touch your home, animals such as rats, raccoons, and squirrels use branches as a bridge from the tree to your roof.  The animals can then make it into your attic and crawl spaces and cause interior damage, including chewing through wires causing major fire risks. Cut back overhanging branches to remove a possible point of entry. 

Keep Trees Trimmed to Prevent Pests

Keep Trees Trimmed to Prevent Pests

Secure Containers Indoors and Outdoors

Make sure that garbage and recycling containers are sealed and placed away from your home.  If you compost, think about doing it in a closed-top bing and keep it away from your house. To pests, these containers with an abundance of inviting food particles is like a buffet.  Keep all food sources in places that are not accessible, or inviting to unwanted pests.


Work With A Local Pest Control Company 

Even if you are not aware of an infestation or a pest control problem in your home, it is smart to have a professional inspect and treat your home before one does occur.  A professional can also look for problems with termites, bed bugs or rodents that might not be so easily visible. Our team of technicians at Aantex Pest Control is highly trained and knowledgeable about the most common pest and rodent problems in our area.  Call our staff at 1-800-471-5555 to schedule your free inspection today. 


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