Black Widows:  How to Prevent and Eliminate Infestations 


Black Widows:  How to Prevent and Eliminate Infestations 

The female black widow spider is one of the most easily recognizable spiders around. With a shiny black body and bold red hourglass marking on a round abdomen, most people know a black widow when they see one.  Male black widows are much smaller, harmless, and are recognizable with the yellow and red bands with spots on their backs. Although not typically deadly, the bite of a black widow is venomous and toxic to the nervous system.  The severity of a bite depends on many variables. According to the NCSU, a black widow’s venom is 15 times more venomous than a rattlesnake’s.  Fortunately for humans, they will only bite when disturbed. However, we think that it is best to prevent and eliminate infestations to avoid any spider bites. 


Tips to Prevent Black Widows

  1. Check your home thoroughly:  Black widows are nocturnal, which means they may be hard to see during the day.  Use a flashlight and check corners and areas with poor lighting. If you see a spider, either capture it and release far from your home or eliminate it. 
  2. Fix leaks: Inspect your home for cracks and holes. Ensure windows and doors have tight seals. Spiders will come into your home through these openings. 
  3. Clean your home: Keep your home clean, dusted, vacuumed and web free.  Without the extra spaces of dust accumulations, black widows are less likely to spin their web and make their homes. 
  4. Install outside lights: Install yellow light bulbs in outside light fixtures.  The yellow light will deter bugs that black widows like to feed upon. 
  5. Clean up the outside of your home: Deter spiders by keeping your lawn cleared and mowed. Keep vines and plants away from your house.  Wood piles, rock piles, and trash piles also should be far from your home, as they are very inviting to black widow spiders.  

spider webs

How to Eliminate Black Widow Spiders

The elimination of Black Widow spiders requites a combination of chemical and non-chemical measures. 

Non-chemical steps including vacuuming spiders, webs, and egg sacs. This can be done whenever a spider is spotted during an inspection.  Be sure to empty your vacuum bag, and put waste remnants in a plastic bag, immediately after vacuuming and disposing of it in an outdoor garbage bin.  

When it comes to Chemical Treatment of Black Widow Spider infestations, there are DIY products available at local home improvement and hardware stores. However, knowing when an infestation is too big to handle on your own is important. Because Black Widow Spider bites can be toxic, a complete infestation elimination is important. 

When you find a large spider nest or many webs, reach out to your local pest control and pest management company.  At Aantex, our technicians can help pinpoint where the infestation is starting and take proactive, and safe steps, to eliminate the problem.   We also work in ways to ensure your family and pets are protected during the treatment process as well. Spider bites are no laughing matter, so working with professionals is an ideal way to keep your home, family, and pets safe.


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