Ants Will Come Marching In On A Rainy Day

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Have you noticed that on a rainy day, ants begin to appear inside your house?  Even during the colder days of winter, ants can become a problem. Ants are generally considered a pest during warm summer days when we spend significant time outdoors. However, when heavy rains hit, ants make an appearance.  Learn why ants are a problem during the rainy season and what are some tips you can follow to keep pesky ants outside. 

Why Does Rain Bring Ants Inside? 

Ant in the Rain

Ant in the Rain

Different ant species will react to rain in different ways.  However, the ants that we deal with in the Bay Area are not fans of the rain.  Ants in our area live in the soil and underground. Heavy rains flush ants from their homes. Ants will begin looking for higher, dryer ground to survive.  

An ant seeking a haven for survival is why ants often end up inside our homes during the rainy season. They climb walls and pipes and will slip into warmer, dryer places whenever there is a tiny opening.  If ants make it inside, there is a good chance they will make their way into your kitchen. Food, water, and warmth make your kitchen a perfect place to survive and wait out the rains. 

DIY Tips To Keep Ants Away On A Rainy Day

Rain drops and ants

Rain drops and ants

Not all methods are failsafe. But, there are simple measures you can take to make your home less hospitable to ants during or after a rainstorm.  

  • Check window and door frames for tiny cracks and crevices.  Ants can slip through the smallest opening. Ensure you are sealing windows and doors with caulk.
  • Check the foundation of your home.  Often little cracks in the foundation are ideal openings for ants to sneak into the interior of your home. 
  • Seal pipes that lead into your home.  
  • Keep your kitchen clean.  Ants appreciate the grease trappings at the bottom of your oven. Take extra steps to clean your oven regularly. 
  • Put food away and store it in airtight containers and do not leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight. 

Keep Ants Away With A Local Pest Management Company 

Keep Ants Out on A Rainy Day

Keep Ants Out on A Rainy Day


Ants are undeniably an outdoor pest in the summer.  However, rainy days bring unwanted ants inside our homes.  To make your home less inviting to rainy-day pests, work with a local pest management company.  Trained pest management technicians can assess your home and provide you with the best pest management strategies to ensure your home does not become a haven for ants.  Contact your local pest management company for a free consultation by calling 925-240-5100 or by scheduling your appointment online.

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