Simple DIY Solutions to Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer 

Simple Tips to Prevent Pests like Flies

Summer temperatures rise, and so does the number of pests we find inside our homes and outdoor living spaces. Luckily, there are steps you can follow to take back your lawn and garden from pests. Here are simple DIY solutions you can use to control flies, fleas, ants, gnats, mosquitos, and other undesirable insects. 

DIY Solutions Control Mosquitos 

Mosquitos are worse than just annoying. These insects spread diseases and can trigger extreme allergic reactions. The best way to reduce mosquitos is to disrupt the lifecycle. Mosquitos breed in the summer and lay their eggs in the water. The best process of reduction is to reduce the amount of standing water in your yard.



For bodies of waters, such as ponds, pools, and water features, ensure there is a significant amount of movement. Moving water will stop eggs from maturing and slow the influx of mosquitoes in and around your home and garden. 

DIY Steps for Controlling Ants, Slugs and Other Soft-Bodied Insects 

Soft-bodied insects are ants, slugs, snails, aphids, earwigs, crickets, and centipedes. One simple DIY strategy is to mix one Tablespoon of cooking oil with a few drops of unscented dish soap into a quart of water. Shake well and spray on plants, covering both sides of the leaves. You can also plant peppermint, spearmint, and pennyroyal throughout your yard. These pests do not like the scent of the plants -which will reduce your soft-bodied inspect problem.

Garden Slugs

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Simple DIY Solutions to Flies, Gnats and Other Flying Bugs 

Most gnats and flies are attracted to the smell of apple cider vinegar. Add apple cider vinegar and a bit of dish soap to a container with a lid. Pierce a small hole in the cover, and the flying bugs will enter the container because of their natural tendency toward the apple cider vinegar. The dish soap will make the flying insects too heavy to fly. This trap works well inside your home and outside and does not require you to use any chemical. Yet, it keeps your home pest free and your family free from chemicals. 

cluster flies

cluster flies

Work with A Pest Management Company 

If you are finding pests getting out of hand and are unable to keep annoying pests at bay, it may be time to schedule a free consultation with your local pest management company. The team at Aantex will walk you through preventative steps to further reduce your pest problems. They will also work with you to create a pest management plan that will keep your home free from pests. To schedule your free consultation, call the team at 925-240-5100, or schedule your consultation online. 

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