DIY pest control

Termite Infestation

How to Identify Signs of Termites

The word itself strikes fear in any homeowner—termites! The very thought that they could be slowly eating away at their investment is enough to turn any home...
Ant Trail

How To Rid Your Home Of Ants

We have all heard to saying about cockroaches that where you see one, there is a good chance there are hundreds, even thousands, more. The same can...

How To Prevent Earwigs

Earwigs are unusual-looking insects that have pincers that protrude from their abdomen. Their size usually depends on the species, but generally, most earwigs run between 6-25 mm...
Pantry Moths - Aantex Pest Control

How To: Get Rid of Pantry Moths

How To: Get Rid of Pantry Moths If you have ever had the misfortune of dealing with pantry moths, you know how frustrating and annoying they can...
Bedbugs- Aantex

6 Tips to Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home

Travel brings all kinds of inconvenient problems. Jet lag, missed connections, and bad weather is some of the many nuisances travelers often deal with. But there’s one...
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