What Are Cluster Flies and How Do I Get Rid of Them? 

Flies in the summer are something we tolerate and perhaps even come to expect.  Doors may be left open and windows are cracked to let in the sweet summer air, so it is no surprise when flies get inside. However, when the months begin to cool into Fall and your house is closed up, you may wonder where flies come from. Flies you find in the fall and into the winter are known as cluster flies.  This article will outline a bit more about what cluster flies are and what you can do to eliminate them in your homes.  

What Are Cluster Flies

Interestingly, the cluster fly is a parasite of earthworms and breeds outdoors in lawns and fields during the spring and the summer.    Female cluster flies lay their eggs in cracks of soil, where eggs hatch after just 3 days. The larvae use earthworms as a food source and feed for about 22 days, after which they go into the pupae stage.  Finally, within 2 weeks, adult flies emerge.  

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normal house flies

normal house flies

Cluster flies tend to find their way into your home when temperatures begin to fall at the end of the summer.  They are searching for a warm place to survive the winter. In fact, cluster flies enter your home, or other structures, in large numbers. Typically, once they are inside and get into hiding, people do not see them until springtime when the weather warms and they are in search of food. 

What Problems Do Cluster Flies Cause?

Cluster flies are primarily just an annoyance.  They do not cause any sort of health concern because they do not lay their eggs in human food.  But, because they do enter your home in large numbers, they can be frustrating to have around and difficult to eliminate because of the very quick cycle of reproduction.

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Cluster flies have been known to squeeze around the edges of windows that are weather-proofed!  And as more flies are attracted to the building, large clusters of flies huddle inside wall voids, attics, and false ceilings.   This means you could have a major infestation and not know until the flies awake from their long winter naps in the spring.  

How Can I Eliminate Cluster Flies From My Home?

Once cluster flies enter a building and harbor within walls, control methods are limited.  Insecticides can kill the flies within walls – however, large numbers of dead or dying flies can attract secondary pests such as beetles, roaches, or rodents.  Cluster flies just buzzing around your home are relatively easy to eliminate, due to their sluggish flying patterns. However, the true way to control cluster flies is to prevent them.


pest proofing your home 


The best cluster fly prevention strategies are standard pest-proofing procedures.  This means, caulk and fill are cracks and crevices in the home’s structure, including:

  • Cracks around doors and windows
  • Under eaves and along siding
  • Around electrical outlets
  • At pipe, wire and cable penetrations
  • Around vents
  • Along the roof

It is also important to ensure that all windows and doors are fitted tightly so flies cannot get inside your home.  Also, taking time to repair torn or ripped screens will create another barrier to cluster fly entry. In general, pesticides have limited effectiveness when dealing with flies.  

When To Call A Pest Control Company 

There is no doubt that cluster flies are a major nuisance to homeowners.  They are annoying and can be difficult to eliminate once there is an infestation.  Often, contacting a local pest control company is the best strategy for getting rid of the annoying pests.  Your local pest control and pest maintenance company can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home and help you understand where your problem is coming from and advise what you can do to prevent further problems.  If you would like to talk to a local pest control effort, reach out to Aantext online, or call 925-240-5100 to schedule your free consultation today. 

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