Summer is the Season for Pests 

Summer has descended upon East Contra Costa County with a mighty swing of heat. The sunrise brings warm temperatures that rarely cool down until hours past sunset. With the temperatures rising, there is a good chance you have seen an increase in the pest activity around your home. There are five primary reasons unwanted pests thrive in the summer months.

An Increase in Day Light Hours

Extended Day light

Extended Day light

Just as we enjoy the extended days of summer, pests such as ants, mosquitoes, and spiders enjoy the longer hours of sun. Longer days and shorter nights mean more hours pests can feed. And as we are spending more time enjoying our outdoor spaces, these pests are as well. 

The Life Cycle of Many Pests Culminates in the Summer 

Ants - Aantex Pest Control

Interestingly, many pest are cold-blooded. And like other cold-blooded species, their behaviors are highly directed by the weather. When the weather warms up, their activity also increases. For example, ants are cold-blooded. In the warm summer months, the size of their colonies increases monumentally. This tendency ensures the survival of the colony during the coldest months when they become dormant. 

Summer Months Bring an Increase in Food Sources

Another seasonal phenomenon of the summer is that food sources for many unwanted pests, including ants, mosquitos, cockroaches, spiders, and flies, become abundant during the summer. The explosive growth of plants means a nearly unlimited food supply. Pests will come and eat until they deplete their food sources and then move on to the next location. 



An Increase in Temperature Brings Pests Around 

Finally, an increase in temperatures changes the behaviors of undesirable pests. For example, warmer days mean many pests come out of their underground dens to eat and warm up. However, when the heat becomes too intense, these same insects will come into our homes to find respite from the sun. Warm temperatures awaken many species and then drive them inside when it gets too hot.  



Summer Is An Ideal Time For Pest Management Services 

There is no doubt that the summer months we enjoy so much are preferable to many unwanted pests in and around our homes. The best strategy to avoid significant infestations and annoyances is to work with a local pest management company. These pest professionals understand the behaviors of common pests and will work with you to find solutions that keep your home and family safe. To learn more, reach out to the team at Aantex by calling 925-240-5100 or by booking online. 


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